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Memorial Receptions


Memorial Package Menu

Our most popular memorial package

Fancy Sandwiches

Vegetable and Dip

Fruit Cheese and Cracker

Foam plates, paper napkins

                                                  $ 10.95 per person





A La Carte

Fancy Sandwiches     $1.30 per sandwich

Our signature artistic pinwheel sandwiches generously filled with egg salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, salmon salad, shaved ham, shaved turkey and fruit with cream cheese.
3 Sandwiches per person

Triangle Sandwiches     $1.25 per triangle

Roast beef, corned beef, ham, turkey and egg salad on fresh white and whole-wheat lightly buttered bread with lettuce.

Bunwiches      $4.00

Dinner buns halved topped with egg salad, salmon salad, ham salad, chicken salad, and tuna salad.

1 bun cut in half

Popular Additions

    $2.00 per person
- 8 to 10 different delicious sweet treats on a tray

Veggies and Dip    $2.00 per person
- fresh cut broccoli, califlower, carrot sticks, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes and a creamy onion dill dip

Pickles and Olives
  $ 1.50 per person

Dill Pickles, Sweet Mix, Bread and Butter, Gerkins,Black and Green Olives

Fruit Cheese and Cracker    $2.00 per person
- assortment of diced cheddar, marble, mozzarella and jalapeno jack accompanied with 3 types of fruit and topped with crackers.

Fresh Fruit 
  $2.00 per person
- the freshest seasonal fruit available

Beverage Service

Disposable Coffee Service
    $1.95 per person

-includes coffee and tea, disposable cups, creamers, sugar, sugar twin, stir stick

China Service    $2.95 per person
-includes coffee and tea, china cups and saucers, creamers, sugar, sugar twin, teaspoons, china side plate

Fruit Punch     $1.50 per person

Bottled Fruit Juice
     $1.50 per bottle

Canned Drinks Assorted
     $1.50 per can

Bottled Water     $1.50 per bottle

Hostess Service

Hostess Service 
   $30.00 per hour minimum 3 hours

Leave the work to us, our appropriately dressed servers will set up, serve and clean up. Necessary at some funeral chapels Multiple hostesses may be required for china service.

$25 dollars an hour after 3 hours.

Please read our policys page before ordering.