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One of our customers liked our fundraiser so much she said "you should advertise this" and sent us the following.

Attention: Anyone who is interested in fundraising.

Are you looking for a great fundraiser that can make you 100% mark up on it and doesn’t take much time or energy? I have discovered an easy way to make money!! I know it sounds to good to be true…but please keep reading this fax, I am telling you the truth. I am a school teacher and I have been fundraising for 20 students; one student made $273 dollars profit in ten days. I have done the same fundraiser for the last three months in a row and I have made almost $4,000 dollars profit. Why am I sharing this secret, because I really believe in the company I do business with, they have been awesome!

This is the fundraiser

Here is how you make money fast… the perogies are sold in bags of 6 dozen we buy them for $8 dollars a bag and sell them for $16 dollars a bag so we make 100% on every order. If the student sells the perogies to 10 people they make $80 dollars if they sell them to 20 people they make $160 dollars profit.

Its very easy… I give the perogy order form to my students and tell them the money and forms are due in two weeks. I collect all the money in one lunch hour and then I phone and order the perogies one week in advance. On the day of the pick up I go to Naleway Catering on main street and they put the perogies in my van and the parents and students come and pick up the perogies at a designated time in the school parking lot. Its then up to the students to give them out to their friend and family.

The best thing about this fundraiser is, there are no minimums to buy, you are guaranteed $8 dollars profit a customer, you set your own dead lines, there is no overhead expenses, the profits are easy to calculate, you don’t have to store, move or lift any perogies and its all over in one day.

Above pricing is a suggestion the perogies are $8 a 6 dozen bag, you can sell them for what ever price you would like.


Perogies are real potatoes, real white cheddar, frozen supermarket style perogies. They are in 6 dozen bags.

One weeks notice from placing order to picking up perogies is required.

Send us a email and we will send you the order sheet for your fundraiser