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Please order drop-off food to be delivered at minimum 15 minutes before scheduled eating time. We cannot guarantee exact delivery time to the minute due to delays out of our control including but not limited to traffic and parking.

Our catering normal business hours are monday to friday 8am to 6 pm and saturday 9am to 6pm. We do cater 24 hours a day but you most contact us to discuss catering outside of normal business hours.

Office hours are 9 to 4 pm monday to saturday

We are closed sundays

We are closed for catering all statutory holidays.

We are closed for catering every long weekend except Easter and Thanksgiving

long weekends when we are open 9-4.

All Naleway Catering products and services are 100 % guaranteed


All orders must be pre paid.


Delivery charges apply to all delivered orders.

Minimum order for delivery is $240 before taxes and delivery charge.

Delivery inside perimeter

$20 dollars

$30 dollars after 8:00 pm

Drop-off delivery outside of perimeter 

$1.10 a kilometer round trip


Delivery drivers do not carry change.

Deposit not required for dropped off food. Payment is due day of event.

Company Cheque, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Cash are acceptable forms of payment.

Credit Cards must be phoned in advance of delivery. Please do not email us your credit card number.

Interact available for pick up only.

A 15% gratuity will be applied to the total amount before taxes on all bills were serving staff is required.


Once Naleways deliver's the drop off food it is the sole responsiblity of the customer to serve the food within 30 minutes. If you can't eat the food within thirty minutes refridgerate the cold food and/or put the hot food in an oven to maintain proper temperatures.

Naleways does not add MSG to any products.

All prices are before applicable taxes

13% taxes will be applied to all food's that are ready to eat.

Prices subject to change