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Lunch menus come with each item in it's own separate disposable aluminum pan.

For best results leave all hot food in the box until immediately before eating.




Veg and Dip

Hummus and Crackers

Spinach dip

$27.95 each tray

One tray is perfect for 20 people




Comfort soup served with piled high sandwiches

Chicken Slouvlaki, Roast Potatoes, Greek salad

Oven baked chicken, Rice, Orange almond mandarin salad

Philly cheese steak sandwiches, Potato Chips, Homemade pasta salad

Pulled Pork Kiaser, Mac and Cheese, Dill Pickles

Make your own fajita, Dirty rice, Strawberry Field green salad

Maple roast pork, Mashed potatoes, Coleslaw

Steak stew, Fresh bannock, Ceaser salad

Asian stir fry, Rice, Asian Coleslaw

Roti and samosa, Basmati rice, Summit salad

Lasagna, Garlic toast, Ceaser salad

Beef on a kiaser bun, Gravy, homemade potato salad, pickle platter

Chorizo sausage in marinara sauce with peppers and onions served on fresh french baguette, Ceaser Salad

Chicken alfredo, Garlic toast, Tomato cucumber feta salad

Texas Chicken Wraps(chicken breast, naleway BBQ sauce, roasted corn salsa)

Dill Pickles, Strawberry Field Green Salad



All menus 


Menu prices based on minimum 20 people.

Orders come with paper plates, plastic forks, plastic knives and paper napkins.

Serving utensils not included.



Finishers:    Homemade cookies or Homemade brownies

$2.50 per person


Beverages: Canned drinks $1.25| Bottled Water $1.50

Bottled Juice $1.50| Pop Shoppe Flavored Cola's $2.25



Less then 20 people click here

please read our policys page before ordering